Texas Postal History Society

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In 2018, the Texas Postal History Society merged with the Texas Philatelic Association and became a life member of the TPA.  The TPHS Journal merged with The Texas Philatelist and the new publication is titled the"Journal of Texas Philately & Postal History", published four times a year.

The Texas Postal History Society was organized in 1975 as an affiliate of the Texas Philatelic Association in order to further the advancement and understanding of Texas Postal History through collections, research, publications and exhibitions. There is a wide variety of collecting areas that were written about in the society’s publication - Texas Postal History Society Journal.

The area called Texas has been under five postal administrations including Spain, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States of America and United States. The rich history of Texas adds considerable flavor to any area the collector wishes to explore.

The TPHS meets annually at the Greater Houston Stamp Show in the fall. Other get-togethers are occasionally scheduled, usually in conjunction with stamp shows around the state. Meetings are announced well in advance.

There are no dues for existing members.  Currently, being a member of the TPA includes the "Journal of Texas Philately & Postal History".  Items unique to this website will migrate to the TPA website soon.   Please contact Secretary/Treasurer Lyle C. Boardman, 3916 Wyldwood Road, Austin, Texas 78739-3005 for membership information. Email lcb1941@att.net.