Emery Awards

The late William H.P.Emery is one of the most revered members of the Texas Postal History Society. In 1998 his name was placed on the society's headline award - the William H.P. Emery Texas Postal History Award.

The award is available annually at the TEXPEX stamp show. The award is presented in three categories - Pre-1900, 1900-1940 and Post-1940. As an American Philatelic Association sanctioned show, TEXPEX features judges who use high standards. The Emery winners are selected by the Distiguished Philatelic Texans of the Texas Philatelic Association after the judges have graded the exhbiits.

Rather than a show ribbon, a small Texas flag is placed on winning exhibits. With the proliferation of philatelic societies at major stamps shows, it is beneficial for the TPHS to have a presence in the exhibition and later at the awards ceremony.

The award consists of an embosser that imprints special seals showing the name of the award and the category surrounded by a Lone Star. The honor roll is as follows:

Date Name Name of Exhibit
02/28/2015 Rex. H. "Jim" Stever Pre-1900 - "Republic of Texas Rates"
02/28/2015 Lyle Boardman 1900-1940 - "Texas Chicken Industry"
02/28/2015 Jane King Fohn Post-1940 - "The 9-cent Alamo Stamp and It's First Day Covers"
01/01/2013 Vince King Pre-1900 - "Under Six Flags-Expanding the Mail Service in Texas 1801-1865"
01/01/2011 Jim Stever Pre-1900 - "Sequence of Consular Forwarders of Texian Mail"
01/01/2008 Vince King Pre-1900 - "Before the Flood: The Postal History of Galveston, Texas 1838-1900"
01/01/2005 Jim Stever Pre-1900 - "Republic of Texas Rates - December 1835 to February 1846"
01/01/2003 Lyle Boardman Post-1940 - "Texas Statehood Stamp - A Celebration"
01/01/2003 Tom Koch Pre-1900 - "Postal Markings, Usages of Industry, Texas"
01/01/2001 Jane King Fohn Post-1940 - "The 9-Cent Alamo Stamp and Its First Day Covers"
01/01/2001 Tom Koch Pre-1900 - "Postal Markings of Industry, Texas"
01/01/1999 Jim Stever Pre-1900 - "Nueces County, Texas Statehood Through 1899"
01/01/1998 Nonie Green Pre-1900 - "Postal History of Victoria, Texas"
01/01/1998 Carol Arndt Post-1940 - "Mail Through Midland, Texas as Indicated by Spray Markings"
01/01/1998 Gene Gaddy 1900-1940 - "Dallas Air Mail History"