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This area offers a look at special feature stories mostly from the Texas Postal History Society Journal from the far and recent past in pdf format.

New in September 2018 - New Content

(1)  A set of three portals to Confederate Post Office documents found at the National Archive and the library of Congress.   There is a great deal of infomration on Texas postoffices, postmasters and mail routes. 

(2)  A portal to all of the Universal Postal Union Conventions since 1874.  Useful for understanding Internationa postal agreements.

New in Feb 2015.  New Content:

(1)    There is also a new Monograph on how to access and understand the wealth of digital resources available on the Internet to research into the operations of the US Post Office Department.  There is also a group of Portals (gateways) which provide direct links to many of these Post Office Department publications.  These can be downloaded onto your computer for future use.  The portal to the Post Route Maps also includes links to a number of these maps used in Texas.

(2)    Several new Monographs relating to Post Route Maps and Denton County Historical Maps.



Date Title
02/25/2015 Digital Resources for Researching the USPOD
04/04/2019 Portal to On-line Post Route Maps of the US
02/25/2015 Portal to On-line Post Route Maps of TEXAS
02/25/2015 Portal to Annual Reports of Postmaster General
02/25/2015 Portal to USPOD Postal Laws & Regulations
02/25/2015 Portal to USPOD Postal Guides (before 1874)
05/11/2017 Portal to USPOD Official Postal Guides (1875-1971)
02/25/2015 Portal to USPostal Service Publications(1971-date)
04/10/2016 Portal to Official Register of the United States
10/01/2018 Portal to UPU Convention Reports
04/29/2019 Portal to Confederate Document (NARA-LoC) by State
04/29/2019 Portal to Confederate POD materials at NARA
01/01/2018 Portal to Confederate POD documents at Lib Congres
11/01/2011 Post Route Maps of the Texas Panhandle
10/01/2011 Denton County Historical Maps
11/01/2011 Post Route Maps of the Dallas/Ft Worth Region
01/01/1975 Earliest Railroad Cover by Gordon Bleuler
01/01/2009 Chick Philately by Lyle Boardman
01/01/1978 Fort Turan by James W. Milgram, M.D.
01/01/2009 The McKinney Star by Vince King